Pre-Built Templates

Having a set of templates is one of the best ways to save time on your project. Why spend your valuable time creating these templates from scratch? The TenStep Suite contains over 80 pre-built templates! All of the templates are easily customizable to be used on all of your projects.


Individual licensees receive access to the TenStep Member Template Library and Basic Template Library. Click here to see the templates that are included in these libraries.


"Thank you for the opportunity to review the contents of your site. you have prepared a very rich set of topics and methodology..."  - Everett W.



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Techniques for Every Process


TenStep does more than just list and describe the processes needed to successfully manage a project. The TenStep Suite contains proven techniques that you can put to use on your project!  This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. With TenStep, you can easily choose the techniques that will be best to implement on your particular project based on its size and circumstances.


Hundreds of Supplemental Papers


The TenStep Integrated Project Management Suite includes five libraries filled with hundreds of supplemental papers.  If there is a topic you need some additional help with, chances are it is covered here!  Best of all, we are constantly adding to these libraries to ensure we can provide the most coverage possible. A license to the TenStep Integrated Project Management Suite includes access to the following:


TenStep Process in e-Book Format


Have all of the content in the TenStep Process at your fingertips - no Internet connection required! The TenStep Suite includes all of the methodology content in a convenient e-book format. Download the e-book and reference it at any time!

Licenses for the Individual TenStep Project Management Suite are just $249 for the first year.
After that, you can renew your license for just $99 each year!


The TenStep Project Management Process appeared attractive because it is accessible, affordable, adaptable and articulate...Affordable (not just “cheap”) means that the payoff has exceeded the cost.



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TenStep has the integrated suite of products that you need to enable project success. It is more than a methodology. It is the ultimate combination of sound project management processes and supporting content for skill-building - all in one product!


  • Basic TenStep view shows the methodology by project management process
  • TenStep process view (PV) shows the methodology by process group



"I appreciate the care that you have put into this site. It is very helpful; especially when you may be in a stressful situation your site is a good checking point."Thank you for all your hard work and sharing of your expertise."- Michael A.


Full World-Class Project Management Processes


The TenStep Suite is a flexible and scalable methodology for managing work as a project. The basic philosophy is “large methodology for large projects, small methodology for small projects™”. TenStep shows you what you need to know  to manage projects of all size.


Not surprisingly, the TenStep Project Management Process is divided into ten steps – the first two for definition and planning, and the next eight for managing and controlling the work. These steps are as follows:






  • 1.0 Define the Work
  • 2.0 Build the Schedule and Budget




  • 3.0 Manage the Schedule and Budget
  • 4.0 Manage Issues
  • 5.0 Manage Scope
  • 6.0 Manage Communication
  • 7.0 Manage Risk
  • 8.0 Manage HR
  • 9.0 Manage Quality and Metrics
  • 10.0 Manage Procurement




We still have our superb "ten step" model, but now you can also make one click to view the same content arranged in process group view (initiate, plan, execute, monitor/control, close)


Methodology and more ... it's all here!

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